For many college students, financial assistance is the most important need to make it through the graduation day, and especially those who are planning an expensive career that demands many years of education other than the undergraduate level.

The best financial assistance is currently are scholarships because they haven’t come up with something else. Scholarships offer a lot of unique benefits and are the most ideal form of financial aid.

In addition to this, many students are admitted or given scholarships due to their high merits or are rewarded with scholarships for certain achievements. Just like grants, you don’t have to repay scholarships, but grants are mostly need-based, so scholarships are more important and can add an extra bonus to your resume and at the same time, pay for your education.

What is meant by “Writing Scholarships”?

Writing scholarships are meant for those worthy students who are willing to polish their writing skills. This kind of scholarship is very unique and helps students to excel in many writing-based jobs.
The scholarships available by us are for students from all levels, such as postgraduate, undergraduate, college, and graduates. According to us, words have the ability to deliver powerful perceptions of ideas that you have contained inside your head.

Scholarship Amount

The scholarship amount is $2000 and it will be awarded to one student for their education expenses.

Who is Eligible for the Scholarship?

In order to participate in the scholarship contest, applicants must meet the following criteria:
· All applicants must be enrolled, or due to be enrolled, as a full-time student at an accredited college or university in the USA for the semester that they are applying to receive the scholarship.
· Must be in good academic standing with your current educational institution
· For applicants under 18, you must have permission from a parent or legal guardian
·Has a minimum 3 GPA (on a 4 scale)
· Must apply to the contest via email and provide your name and the name of the institution you are attending or plan to attend.

Here are the steps to apply for the scholarship program:

· Write an essay of 500+ words about “All You Need to Know about Favipiravir”.
· You must submit your essay on or before December 30th, 2020.
· All applications should be sent to [email protected] in a Word format only. PDFs or Link to Google Docs will not be accepted.
· You should mention your full name, your university name, phone number, and email address in the scholarship application.
· Make sure your essay is unique and creative.
· Plagiarism will not be tolerated, and if we have found that you have copied the article from some other source then your application will be immediately rejected.
· You should not provide any other information other than that mentioned above.
· After the application deadline has passed, our team will judge your essay on creativity, the value you have provided, and its thoughtfulness.
· The winners will be announced on January 15th, 2021 and the winner will be notified by email.

How Do We Review Applications?

Your works will be evaluated by the project managers who provide skilled mentorship for junior specialists in our company. We respect your privacy and never reveal your contact information to third parties, nor use it for our own benefit in any form. Still, we reserve the right to use your idea in our in-house projects.

Privacy Policy:

Your participation in the Apicdmo Scholarship is voluntary and you may choose whether to participate. To be considered for a scholarship by Apicdmo, you may be required to submit data electronically.
Your application grants Apicdmo, its agents and/or representatives’ permission to use and post the following information: the applicant’s name, attending college, college photo, email, award amount and essay on Apicdmo or in other marketing communications, including but not limited to website, newsletters, social media and press releases.
We may use your contact information to confirm receipt of your application, to gather more information if there are questions regarding your application, to send you notifications regarding your status, or for communication necessary pertaining to application.
All sensitive information relating to all applicant’s eligibility is destroyed as soon as a winner is confirmed and announced. Applicants email address or phone number will not be used for any marketing purposes.